Friday, January 18, 2013

Menu for January 20, 2013 through January 26, 2013

This week we've got a vegetarian chili with interesting spices and grains, a delicious and quick salmon recipe, a unique Thai Chicken Pizza, and mashed potatoes turned into a main course by adding beans for extra protein.

Like last week, three of the meals you will have two times each.  The salmon and potatoes are relatively quick to prepare, so should be okay for weeknights.  The chili does take longer so I've put it for Sunday where you are likely to have more time to let it simmer on the stove.

And, because after dinner always comes thoughts of dessert, here's a very quick to prepare (4 minutes total) mini mocha cake recipe that I made recently.  It was pretty good for being so quick and easy to prepare and definitely helps with after-dinner chocolate cravings!

Dinners for the Week

Sunday:  Vegetarian Chili with toppings of choice with bread on the side.
  • This recipe makes about 12 servings.  You will eat 4 servings this week for dinner.  You can either make one third of the full recipe, OR, make the full recipe and freeze leftover chili for another week.  
  • When I made this I did not use the chipotle pepper or serrano pepper.  Instead, I used a long hot pepper (without seeds) and about 1 teaspoon of ground chipotle pepper seasoning.  
Vegetarian Chili

Monday: Panko-Crusted Salmon with grain of choice and vegetable of choice on the side.
  • Make the full recipe and eat half tonight, have leftovers on Thursday
Panko-Crusted Salmon

Tuesday: High Protein Loaded Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Make the full recipe and eat half tonight, have leftovers on Saturday
High Protein Loaded Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Wednesday: Leftover Chili

Thursday: Leftover Salmon

Friday:  Thai Chicken Pizza  with salad on the side.
  • Make the full pizza and have leftovers for lunch on the weekend
Thai Chicken Pizza

Saturday: Leftover Loaded Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Have a great week!

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