Friday, June 28, 2013

Menu for June 30, 2013 through July 6, 2013

As I've mentioned, last weekend was Whitney and Jesse's wedding!  They are now married!  My mom and I had so much fun making all of the desserts.  I'm planning to work on a post going through all of them this weekend so look for that next week.  For now, here is a picture of us with the dessert table.

My dad made that amazing center cupcake display stand.  It worked so well!

Speaking of weddings, this past week Mark and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary!  A lot has happened in two years, and life is really great.  Here is one of my many favorite photos from our wedding:

For dinners this week we are trying to avoid using the oven.  The only oven required item is baked sweet potato fries, but if its too hot you could skip those!  Quinoa burgers, tempeh tacos, chopped thai chicken salad, and sweet chili glazed tofu are all on the menu.  We love all of these meals- hope you enjoy them this week too!  Don't forget that Thursday is the 4th of July.  These veggie burgers would be great for a BBQ!

Dinners for the Week

Sunday:  Quinoa Burgers served over salad with Baked Sweet Potato Fries
  • Make the full recipe and eat half tonight, have leftovers on Tuesday.  
Quinoa Burgers

Monday: Tempeh Tacos with toppings of choice
  • Make the full recipe and eat half tonight, have leftovers on Wednesday.
Tempeh Tacos

Tuesday:  Leftover Quinoa Burgers

Wednesday: Leftover Tempeh Tacos

Thursday: Happy 4th of July!  This Chopped Thai Chicken Salad is not traditionally American, but it's delicious and great for sharing.  I can't get enough of it!
  • Make the full recipe and eat any leftovers for lunches over the next few days.
Chopped Thai Chicken Salad

Friday:  Sweet Chili Glazed Tofu with vegetable/grain of choice on the side.
  • Make the full recipe and have leftovers on Saturday.
Sweet Chili Glazed Tofu

Saturday: Leftover Sweet Chili Glazed Tofu

Hope you have a great week!

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